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How It Works

What is a Credit Union Membership?

Credit unions are democratic, not-for-profit, member-owned cooperatives that exist to help people and their communities. The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) provides all members of federally insured credit unions with $250,000 in coverage for their individual accounts, much like the FDIC does for banks. So you get all the same financial services, but loan rates are lower, interest rates are higher, profits are returned to members and unlike a bank customer, you are an owner with a say in how your credit union is run.

How big are the savings?

We provide access to savings of up to 50% or more off the retail price on products and services you use every day. These aren't the limited offers you’ll find on normal “deals” websites, these are far greater and deeper savings. In fact, our member-only offers are secret from the public and we can only share the full deal with eligible credit union members. But here’s the best news, anyone can join a credit union and Love My Credit Union Rewards savings are only the beginning of the great benefits you may not even know you’re missing out on.

How are you able to offer such great deals?

There are 117 million credit union members in the US and we represent all of them, which gives us tremendous bargaining power. Employer groups and membership organizations pay big bucks to access discounts, so they charge their members expensive monthly fees to access their deals. Credit union membership is free and our discounts are free to every credit union member, because credit union members are known to be loyal, hard working Americans, or in other words… ideal customers that our partners will gladly pay to do business with.

Exclusive Savings

Get $100 Cash Reward Per New Line

An exclusive cash rewards program only available for credit union members who activate with Sprint. Plus, get $100 each year in loyalty rewards.

Save Up to 25% on TurboTax

You don't need to be a tax expert to get your taxes done right. Love My Credit Union Rewards makes filing taxes affordable.

Major Savings on Car and Home Insurance

Protect what you value most with insurance coverage that’s uniquely designed and priced for credit union members.

Get Whole Home Protection for Less

Credit union members receive a free home security camera plus 2 free months of 24/7 professional monitoring. No hidden fees, no middlemen and absolutely no long term contracts.